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From The writers corner you get  a clear veiw on whats happening in the writing industry. From amazing book deals to incredible films you name it

Ipad Apps for writers

Best Ipad Apps For Writers

So, what's The Best iPad Apps for writers? And should every writer even own a iPad ? Well, up until recently I felt as if all I needed was a pen and...
what makes a great Director

What Makes A Great Film Director

So, What makes a good director? Let's first explorer what a Film director does. A Film director is a person who directs the making of a film. Controlling the artistic and dramatic...

How to Make Money From Your Movie Before Filming It.

How to Make Money From Your Movie Before Filming It. Being a creative writer is a gift. Writers have the most powerful and creative minds. But starting a career in writing isn't...

How To Choose A Title For Your Copy

How to choose a title for your copy. Rather it's for a book, a script or a blog post or any type of reading material for that matter. It is the most...


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